【Mini Loft Villa with Private Bathroom 】

<Please scroll down for details on fees and facilities.>

【Mini Loft Villa with Private Bathroom】

*Mini Loft Villa  is suitable for 2 persons*

This villa features a loft with bedding space accessible by ladder(stairs).
Elderly, pregnant , guests with young children and/or  guests who can not climb a ladder are not recommended.


2 persons  = 13,000Yen~16,000Yen /night
*The price will be changed if the day before holiday,weekend
and so on.*



* Ground floor :10 m2
   (Living room , Shower room ,Toilet)

* Loft Space:5 m2
  (Bedroom - Queen Bed <160x195cms> )
【Villa Facilities】
- Bathroom (Shower room , Toilet , Wash basin)

- Television
- Air Conditioning/Heating and Fan
- Refrigerator
- Microwave
- Electric kettle

- Dishes
- Hairdryer
- Slippers
- Towels+Toothbrush set
- Linens
- Shampoo,Conditioner,Body Soap,Cotton and Cotton bud
- Hot Japanese-tea set , Coffee
- Free umbrella rental


There is NO kitchen for cooking but you can heat the food by microwave or toaster.


There is NO kitchen No gas stove , IH stove or hot plate for cooking in order to prevent fires.

Barbecue and fire dishes are not allowed, so please confirm your understanding before make a reservation.

***NON-Smoking inside***
We have designated smoking area outside.
Please note : this is a quiet residential area and it's not suitable for parties. Please keep QUIET. STRICTLY, no visitors, no parties and no drug.
Please do not make any loud noise such as speaking loudly or playing music loudly after 21.00(9PM).
This is to avoid disturbing other guests.


The price will be changed if the day before holiday,weekend and so on.
Please confirm before reserving a room.